Progress Report - 5th Grading Period

Mar 11 - ALL DAY

Progress reports will be mailed out after Spring Break. You can also view grades on Skyward at

Professional Learning Day

Mar 12 - ALL DAY

Professional Learning Day for Staff - Holiday for Students

Begin Daylight Savings

Mar 14 - ALL DAY

Time to turn our clocks forward one hour.

Spring Break

Mar 15 to Mar 19 - ALL DAY

Holiday - No School

District Holiday

Apr 2 - ALL DAY

Holiday for Students and Staff

State Assessment Days

Apr 6 to Apr 9 - ALL DAY

End of 5th Grading Period

Apr 9 - ALL DAY

Be sure to have all of your assignments turned in. If you're not sure about missing assignments, ask your teacher. You can also check on Skyward at

Beginning of the 6th Grading Period

Apr 12 - ALL DAY

The 6th grading period goes from April 12 to May 28, 2021.

State Assessment Days

Apr 13 to Apr 16 - ALL DAY

State Assessment Days

May 4 to May 7 - ALL DAY

State Assessment Days

May 11 to May 14 - ALL DAY

State Assessment Days

May 18 to May 21 - ALL DAY

End of the 2020-2021 School Year

May 28 - ALL DAY

Early release for Students